Dear Dobie, 

Since I was a boy I have always loved your music and your style. "Drift Away" is one of my ALLTIME favorite songs, and the other day while on the "Tom Joyner Morning Show" message board someone started a post of "Who's the Best Black Country Singers" well, someone posted "Drift Away" and the whole board lit up like crazy. Even though I never classified you as Country Singer you're one of the few singers around who can interpret songs in different styles.

Well if you ever make a Country Record again, please make a cut of Lenny Kravitz's song "Can't Get You Off Of My Mind" you would blow this song away with your style!! P.S. there's another singer out there named Jeffrey Gaines who has a lot of Dobie Gray in him!!

Sincerely, Gary

I just wanted to let you know that I recently purchased Dobie Gray: His Very Best, because of the great song "Drift Away". It has tremendous lyrics and a great tempo to it. I wanted to thank Mr. Gray for his great song and great singing abilities.

Sincerely, Zachary Schultz

Dear Mr. Gray,

I know you probably hear this all the time, but I am one of your biggest fans. I bet you get tired of hearing that all of the time. You are one of my all-time favorite musicians. You're a great role model for today's children. I'm also really looking forward to seeing any new projects that you may have in the works.

I have Muscular Dystrophy and unable to get out much. This past year has been very difficult. I had surgery making it more difficult to get out. I keep in touch with the outside world by watching sports, television, movies and scouring the Internet. I have begun a hobby of writing some of my favorite celebrities for autographs. I realize you probably receive tons of fan mail, but I would greatly appreciate your autograph. I understand if you are unable to reply to all of your fan mail. Thank you for taking time to read my message. I wish you and yours the best of luck in the future.

Take Care, David G. Collins, Jr.

I think I have recently discovered the intended interpretation of "Drift Away". I never knew you were the grandson of a minister, had I known, I would have figured it out many years ago. Through your song, I have recently recieved a special gift. The gift of proof and confirmation. Thank you. Try singing this song to the lord sometime, if you haven't already. 

Charles Willis, inventor of the jetski brake

Dear reader of this letter,

I would just like to say how thankful I was to see a website dedicated to this great musician. I'm only 15 years old, and am a huge fan. I'm glad that the website is here for people like me, who can't find other websites dedicated to him. I would just once again like to thank you for making such a wonderful site, and keeping it up and running.

Sincerely, a fan, Kevin McGinnis

Dobie Gray,

Not sure if this come to you, or to a fans website. I've heard your classic's before, it's a part of life. But the other night, I was watching "AMpop" better known as AMC Classic's (I think). Anyway caught the last part of a movie called "Out of Sight". And I believe you sang a song called "Out On The Floor". It blew me away ....! "I really dig it man".

Is this song available?

Gary Hoskins

Dear Mr. Gray,

I have been a giant fan ever since "Lovin' Arms was first released. I won't take up any more of your time. Thank you for the music and especially your rendition of "I Found A Rose". I put that song on 16 years
ago, proposed to my girlfriend at the time, and we have been together ever since. I owe her acceptance and continuous support partly to YOU!!! Thank you for your time.

A forever fan, John S. Russ

Dear Mr Gray,

Your first album changed my life and it's still my all time favourite album and I have been a fan of your music since I first heard your rock/country spirit belting out your wonderful songs. l have all your albums and I have always thought that the best night I can imagine would be listening and watching Dobie Gray singing "Drift Away" live.

I am an Australian guitar playing musician and songwriter living in London, England with my wife Hella and son Jerome and our dog Rufus.

After spending more than half my life on the road I have spent the last couple of years writing and recording in my small studio here at home. With your permission, I have a song I've written entitled Remember Me This Way which I would like to send to you. If you can spare the time and would like to get a rough idea of what I'm about, please visit my website at

Finally, would you permit me to place a link to your site on my links page?

Best Regards, John Charles Thomas


I've enjoyed your songs and voice since the early seventies when I was in High School. There are so few artists with lasting power like you have, even if the pop or country scenes do not recognize it. Among others in my collection that I always keep in touch with are Michael Johnson, Stephen Bishop, James Taylor, and others.

I'll definitely be getting your latest release.

take care, john evans

Hello friend

Just a quick ate to say I heard your In Crowd backup on that Target Comm'l!

Very nice- and unless I'm crazy- that was YOU singing. I imagine that goes nationwide- it's pretty cool after like 35 years that song is still making an impact.

Dobie- your STILL on a roll!!

Continued good fortune my friend, XBoyd

Greetings Dobie

Hope this finds you well.

You were very gracious to answer my letter about Midnight Diamond. Thanks! My son, who is also a BIG fan wanted to borrow my last copy of Midnight Diamond. I told him to dream on! Couldn't chance it!!! Blood is only so thick!

So, junior says, "how the heck can we get all of what Dobie has recorded, you know, like a Jumbo compilation"? I told him I would write and ask if any such animal existed.

Perhaps you would know of a site where they have all your stuff.

Oh yeah, any updates on your upcoming Gospel CD? Waiting anxiously.

So long for now Dobie, xBoyd

Dear Dobie,

Brother, your voice continues to touch me very deeply. I still listen to the original version of "We Had It All".

"From Where I Stand" mine & my wife's wedding song.

"House Divided by Two"... all masterpieces.

"Love Letters" - you knock me out.

And you've rocked me -The opening cut to New Ray Of Sunshine - it don't never stop...

You've blessed me with your voice & writing. You're a Godly artist. Thank you.

Yours truly, Gary Villapiano


What a pleasure it was to stumble on your web site while I was surfing the net!

I've enjoyed your music for many years, particularly the entire Drift Away album. When it came out in 1973, I was a senior in high school in Memphis, Tennessee. People used to think I was a PR person for you, because when they got in my car, I was always listening to an 8-track of Drift Away.

The title song is obviously an enduring masterpiece, but I also love songs like Caddo Queen and City Stars. I have tried in vain to find Drift Away on CD, but it seems to be totally out of print. Do you think it will ever be re-released on CD?

I also love your Christmas song Decorate The Night. I hope you plan to include it on your upcoming Christmas album.

Do you ever tour these days? Can people ever see you in Nashville at places like The Bluebird Cafe or at the Ryman? I'd love to hear you in concert sometime:

Thanks so much for enriching our lives with your wonderful talent!

Kenny Bosak

Dobie, I've been playing guitar for twenty-some-odd years and Drift Away is one tune I always sorta got into when it played on the radio. Today I bought a rock classics CD & this song was on there. I was playing along with every song on the CD but when DRIFT came up... oh MAN! ! ! This was the first time I ever played along with something and felt such passion!!

I looked your name upon the internet and what jumped out at me on your website was this: "Perhaps Dobie sums it up best: "My goal is, and always will be, to make music that comes straight from the heart." I'm here to tell you, Sir... you have reached your goal! ! !

Thanks for your time. -Brad Warwick

Mr. Gray:
Your albums, DRIFT AWAY and LOVING ARMS, are two of my favorite records of all time. It would be difficult to overemphasize their impact on my life. Thank you for such great work, and for so many hours of enjoyment. I moved from Texas to Nashville six years ago and I currently write for BMG Music, and you're partly to blame. I hope you're going to play out again in town soon. I enjoy the web site, and plan to buy one of the shirts as soon as possible. My best to you. Peace. 

Walt Wilkins


Dear Mr. Gray,

My name is John McGill. I know that probably doesn't register with you but a couple of years ago you were very kind to me. My wife ordered "Diamond Cuts" after seeing you on television. After some months went by without receiving it, you called us one Sat. afternoon to explain that there had been some sort of problem with the production end. In the course of talking to my wife, she mentioned that this would make a good 40th birthday present for me. You were gracious and kind enough to autograph the CD as well as send an autographed picture and a letter. (Which, by the way, we have framed and hanging in our family room.) I had intended to write a letter of thanks, but somehow never got around to it. And for that, I sincerely apologize. Well, thanks again. You're still #1 in my book and I hope you come to the Tampa FL. area some time in the near future.

Sincerely, John W. McGill

Mr. Gray, my wife and I had the distinct pleasure of hearing you sing here in Nashville this evening during the Lonnie Mack show. Thank you for coming. We have long enjoyed your music but have never had the privilege of seeing you perform live. Your singing of Drift Away, as well as your new song, was a highlight of our evening. May God bless you with continued success with your new CD.

Sincerely, Tom and Bobbie Branson


My name is Chris Dodson and I have "Drift Away" on LP. Unfortunately, the record is quite warped and nearly un-playable. I have yet to find a replacement copy. I have been told that the album is out of print (of course).

I was wondering if there is any way of getting a CD dub of the album. Do they exist? Any information would be appreciated. I miss hearing "We Had It All", "Rocking Chair", and "City Stars".

Please help, Chris Dodson




Hey Dobie, With all the material floating around today it's good to hear a great song like Lovin Arms be played on the radio. Man did that bring back memories. I hope you're doin good and thank you for cutting Honky Tonk Angel years ago. My dad wrote that song. I never reaped no rewards from it but it did wonders for him and it was his claim to fame along playin with Lonnie Mack.

Well take care now, Bryan Rice

Just wanted you to know that you are still the "BEST" of the "BEST!" Great vocals on your new stuff. No doubt, the best efforts were on the self penned "Love to Burn" and "Right About Now". You should be singing YOUR songs. They fit you like a glove. I thought the vocals on "Good Times" were wonderful but the production lacked a bit. I was screaming to hear a rockin' piano and more horns on that one. However, the vocals were fantastic.

I hope your management finds that niche for you. You have to much to give not for the WORLD to hear you daily!

I loved it and let me know where I can get the Christmas CD when its ready.


I love "Drift Away". I'm sorry to say I am not familiar with your other work. I was just listening to a live version of Drift Away in my car and thinking how much I love your voice. It speaks to my soul. You have a God given talent.

Jennifer Harris

Dear Dobie, The shirt arrived safely - and it fits. I will try and send you a photo from my party! The CD was wonderful, a really nice mix of oldies and your new interpretations of some classics. I'm a big Sam Cooke fan so was pleased to see the tracks you covered. If ever you come to England let me know when and where you will be performing and I'll endeavour to get there. If you do come and you want to take a few days off I'd be delighted to put you up - North Devon has a beautiful coastline and the people are very friendly. My local pub is very old and serves a good selection of beer. Let me know.

All the best (nearly forgot - thanks for signing the CD)

Yours, Peter Christie

Dear Mr Gray,

I am a UK based Soul Music collector and I have you to thank for my 30+ years addiction.

The first 45 record I bought was, by Dobie Gray, back in 1969. After hearing it played on the radio, the immortal 'In Crowd' changed my musical direction and I've been a loyal fan ever since. I later discovered 'See You At The Go Go' 'Out On The Floor' 'Look At Me' and the tremendous 'Honey You Cant Take It Back' which was released on White Whale. 'Drift Away' and 'Loving Arms' are only a small part of your rich musical legacy.

I now own over 10,000 Soul records, but the In Crowd was and still is No 1. As the song goes ...'the original's still the greatest'.

Eternally Grateful.

God Bless.

Sean Hampsey
Sheffield, England, UK.

Mr. Gray,

It's a pleasure to find a way to contact you. I am a big fan (hence the email address). I have been following your career and music for as long as I can remember. Do you tour at all? I was really hoping that you'd come somewhere in the Northeast (Philadelphia) area. I would really love to meet you and maybe even get an autograph. Is there an address that I could send an album, or CD to get signed? That would be fantastic.

Well, keep up the fantastic work. I'm always looking for new music from you.

Jim Williams


Hello, i have enjoyed your music for a while, thank you for years of enjoyment. I heard "Drift Away" on the radio yesterday (i live in Santa Monica, California, but was listening to a Riverside radio station, KOLA-FM) and remembered how a line from the first verse, "you know it's a game that i hate to lose..." was always one of the last things that would go through my mind as i backed into the starting blocks at UCLA (i ran the hurdles). As i listened yesterday i was KNOCKED OUT by the guitar in "Drift Away", don't know why i never focused on it before. Who played those wonderfully sparse, distinctive licks? Please let me know.

Thanks again for the music, it was, is and always will be greatly appreciated.

Best, Lynnsey Guerrero

Just wanted to say thanks for the great new disc: Soul Days.  Your voice is as rich as ever and it's great to hear it again.  I only wish my copy was autographed...

On another note, do you think "Drift Away" or "Hey Dixie" might ever get a good remastering and release on CD?  I'd be first in line for 'em!

Thanks again, Dave Kakenmaster

Dear Mr. Gray, 
I have spent my whole life in the music business down here in the trenches since 1961. I was a full time road player from then until 1980 working all over the US, Canada and Europe. During that time, I was priveledged to meet and play with some major players and performers. You, Sir, without a doubt toutch my musical heart more than any artist I have ever heard. When I stumbled across your website (a link from Lonnie Mack's site) I accessed it and went through it thoroughly. I played the clip of "Loving Arms'" and "Drift Away". Man did they bring back some old memories. I ordered "Diamond Cuts" just a few minutes ago. I have never before written a fan letter, and I feel a little weird doing it now, but I felt like I needed to tell you how very much I have loved and appreciated your music and the great respect I have for you. You are the best!!

Regards, Daryl S. Price

I just wanted to send you this post to tell you how much I enjoy your music. While "Drift Away" is the most widely played of your songs, my favorite is "Loving Arms". It says a lot about love lost and no more chances. Been there and done that. :-) When I hear it, I'm reminded of a girl I knew in School. :-/ Oh well, thanks for the great music and a great song.
Peace, Scott L. Spencer






2007 Dobie Gray

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